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Auroragpt Scripts

Welcome to the Home of MadeRite Scripts!

We sell legal versions of genuine Aurora Scripts with our own specialized additions to make your PTC life run much easier.

Additions include such niceties as verifying IPs against member-stated countries, and buttons to quickly and easily keep your database clean for faster operation and less bandwidth use. The new admin panel makes finding what you need for site operation so easy!! With more than 600 sites already using our script additions, we are fast becoming an industry leader in specialized Aurora Scripts and Addons.

Auroragpt MRv5 Price:

Auroragpt MRv5 UPGRADE Price:

**Note: Script is sold installed only, no install files will be provided (domains not included)**

Auroragpt Addons

Addons to enhance your Auroragpt script

Splash Page with Our Graphics Price:

Splash Page with YOUR Graphics Price:

Multiple Site Splash Page Carousel Price:

Bouncing Splash Page Price:

Auroragpt Guides

Guides for your Auroragpt script. These are digital files (e-Books). The e-Book will be uploaded to your client account after payment is verified! Every e-Book will have an unique license.

Dos and Don'ts for Site Owners Price:

Suggestions and Tips To Run Your PTC Price:

"Suggestions" and "101 Dos" package Price:

Established Aurora Sites For Sale

If you do not wish to start a PTC/GPT Site from scratch, why not try an existing site? A great way to gain experience in running a PTC/GPT Site with little or no setup work required. As you get more proficient, you can make changes and upgrade or even start additional sites from scratch.

Prices vary depending on version of script and number of existing members etc.

Established Auroragpt MRV5 Sites Price: Various - Please See Order Pages for Details

Turnkey Aurora Sites

Similar to an established site, but has never been launched or had any members. Just add your own settings and banners etc.

Turnkey Auroragpt MRv5 Sites Price: Various - Please See Order Pages for Details

Design Services

All your site design requirements are catered for - including Full Custom Site Design, Banners or Off-The-Shelf pre-made templates.

Simple Aurora Site Designs Starting Price:

Aurora Banner Designs Starting Price:

Statistical (Stats) Banners Price:

Splash Pages - YOUR Graphics Price:

Splash Pages - OUR Graphics Price:

PTR Cash Crusader Sites

PTR Cash Crusader Sites Price: Various - Please See Order Pages for Details

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